Good day everyone! Welcome to Freedom Road Product Reviews. If you are looking for insight on products to help kick start your journey away for normality, then this is your first stop. Even if you haven’t fully discovered your passion, or are just beginning to make your dreams take flight, it all starts somewhere. The keyword here is freedom, which takes many forms. Imagination, tranquility, prowess, strength, creativity. All of which require freedom to fully incorporate into your life. Better yet, make it your life.

We cover a variety of different products from the world of primarily Muay Thai, but as well as our home away from home; Thailand. None of this involves you sitting behind a desk grinding out a 9 – 5.  Martial Arts in my opinion is the ultimate form of expression. The ability to transform your body into what you want, to relieve the stress of day to day life, to compete in feats of top physical human prowess, achieve a new level of tranquility and focus and to challenge yourself everyday. These products and blog posts are for people that want to live their life outside of the every day, ordinary monotonous routine. The various topic we cover include:

  • Muay Thai
  • Starting training
  • Aspects of training
  • Thailand
  • Training in Thailand
  • Places to visits in Thailand
  • The do’s and do not’s
  • Various other martial arts.

Want to start seriously training Muay Thai or fight professionally? Want to see the beauty of Thailand for yourself?  Start doing it and stop living under someone else’s thumb. Start living for yourself, life is too short to be dictated by other people; do what you want to do. Hopefully the opinions we provide may just nudge you in the right direction and ease your mind on decisions you will ultimately have to make.

Your life is YOURS. Start living it.


About Freedom Road PR.

You have your own life story to create, so don’t worry about me.  The focus is on you to break free of the confines of regular every day life and live for yourself. It is possible, I have seen it first hand, which led me to the creation of this blog.

I’ll keep this as short as I can. I’ve worked a lot of odd jobs in my life, from construction to commercial fisherman, to over a decade of military service ( both full and part time ). I wasn’t happy. I didn’t like being under someone’s thumb. It sounds cliché but I was sick of being told what to do…A lot of the time by people in a position they didn’t deserve and holding power they couldn’t handle. It made waking up in the morning maddening knowing what I would have to deal with during the day. Not only that, but the day after, and the day after that, for the foreseeable future. I decided I could no longer live that way. I was going to make an effort to live for myself.

I had taken martial arts my whole life and had put them on the back burner for a long time. So I decided to take up Muay Thai, then made the decision to have a few fights and see where they went, travel to Thailand and train. It consumed my life for the better. Gave me an outlet I loved; and for years now I have dedicated myself to that sport.

My father is an artist and taught me at a young age to draw. Something else I hadn’t kept up with for the longest time. I made an effort to start creating images again. Not for anyone, just for myself. Just to relax and be alone with my thoughts  and creations.

Finally, I always enjoyed writing. It was something I excelled at but never really reached full potential because I always had to write about what SOMEONE ELSE wanted me to. So years later I decided to revisit that pastime and create this blog and hopefully make a few bucks on the side. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Simply put if I give you a link to a product I think is worthwhile buying and you purchase it, I get a piece of the action at no extra cost to you. People all around me were living their dreams and I decided it was time I do the same and break out of the restrictions of the day to day grind and just take a risk and see where it goes.

Let me pose a question to you. What good is the grind if you can’t have the reward you want? What good is the grind if you want to travel and someone says “you’re not allowed” or “no you can’t go for that long”? What good is the grind if someone is controlling your life? You did the work! What is stopping you? One thing the grind did teach me was trial and error and how to recover after falling on my face. Hopefully I can help you avoid that.. All roads have risks, start up costs and expenses and if I can give you educated insight on products that will help you start living your dream, then I am doing my job. These reviews are strictly my opinions using my experiences to give you a bit of knowledge to help push your dream in the right direction. Agree with me? Great, I’m glad and truly grateful that I could be of assistance. Don’t agree with me? That’s cool too, your life is your own and trial and error is all a part of the journey and success and I wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavor you choose.

Enough about me, shake off the constraints of society, live your dream, make it a reality.

Do what you want.


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If you have any requests for reviews we haven’t covered, let us know! Give us a description of they type or product you are looking for and we will do our best to get the most informative information back to you. Your freedom knows no bounds. We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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